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The First "Interdisciplinary and Regional National Studies" International Forum Advance Notice of Meeting
작성자 : 관리자 등록일시 : 2021-07-21 19:15:00
첨부파일 :
The First "Interdisciplinary and Regional National Studies" International Forum Advance Notice of Meeting

Nowadays, the world is facing an unprecedented change in a hundred years, and the impact of the COVID 19 epidemic has accelerated the evolution of the international pattern in depth, and the international relations are facing great uncertainty. Therefore, under the new situation, it is of great significance to study how to build the relationship between China and other countries, as well as the important theoretical and practical problems of the region and countries. National and regional research is a new interdisciplinary subject with comprehensive characteristics, which carries out basic and forward looking interdisciplinary research on world humanities, social knowledge, economic, scientific and technological development in key countries and regions of the world from different disciplines and angles. Especially in recent years, the number of researchers focusing on national and regional studies has increased rapidly, and the number of institutions named after regional national studies has increased day by day. National and regional research disciplines have been innovated and developed, and a number of high quality achievements have been achieved.

In order to further prosper regional and national studies in various disciplines, coordinate and enrich the academic strength of regional and national studies at home and abroad, strengthen the dialogue and exchanges between experts and scholars in the field of regional and national studies, and promote the development of academic theory and research cooperation, the Asia Social Science Academy, together with Korea Institute of Politics and Society, and Korea Society of Assembly Studies will hold an international academic online forum with the theme of "Interdisciplinary and Regional National Studies" on July 31th,2021, Seoul time.

I. Organizers of the Conference

Asia Social Science Academy, China
Korea Institute of Politics and Society,
Korea Society of Assembly Studies

II. Format

Zoom Online Meeting (with Zoom Online Meeting User Manual)

III. Theme and sub--topics of the meeting

In order to better reflect and highlight the characteristics of interdisciplinary research in this academic forum, all participating academic papers with interdisciplinary research methods can be submitted for participation. The main areas of this forum include religion, society, human rights, media, information technology, cultural exchange, law, history, ethnic groups, etc. The countries participating in this forum and the countries included in the collection of papers include Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, South Korea and other countries. Scholars from all countries and fields are welcome to attend!

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